The strength of any organization is the people that work in it and we take pride in attracting and recruiting the very best talented individuals who thrive for excellence in whichever job role they undertake.

Do you have what it takes to work for us?

Invage team member are vibrant, dynamic, possess strong initiative, they are bright & highly skilled individuals and have strong career ambitions. Our team members come from many different backgrounds, but they all share a passion and enthusiasm for technology and marketing.

There are following qualities that we look for while recruiting new team members.

Commitment to Excellence
You must commit yourself to very high personal standards and help raise the bar for everyone else in the team. If you are not better than our existing talent, we don’t need you.

Personal Initiative
You must be able to manage and deliver project on your own and also be responsible for your own personal growth. If you like to be given detailed instructions and feedback along the way, you must apply for a job elsewhere.

Strong Attention to Detail
The Devil's in the Details. Enough said!

High Willingness to Learn and Adapt
You should be able to demonstrate an interest in your personal learning and development on a regular basis.

Positive & Fun Attitude
Let’s face it, you will be spending most of your time every day working with your colleagues and people like to work with those who are fun to work with.

Strong Intellectual Capacity
You must demonstrate a very high level of intellectual capacity. If you don’t have a strong GPA, then you must have very strong test scores (plus a good explanation for low GPA).

High Career Ambitions
Looking for a secure, long term job where you want to spend a few years and build your long term career? If so, our company is not for you. We are looking for high achievers who want to grow fast through the ranks and will not settle for a routine job.

Top Leadership Potential
We are looking to hire future CEOs and leaders even when we are recruiting entry level talent. If you have it, we will spot it.